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    BUS 303 Week 2 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University

    BUS 303 Week 2 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University 

    Question 1

    Which of the following is NOT an example of human capital?


    o   Skills

    o   Openness to experience

    o   Knowledge

    o   Abilities



    Question 2

    Achievement tests determine all the following about applicants EXCEPT ___________.


    o   Level of reception, comprehension, and retention

    o   Current abilities

    o   Levels of knowledge and skills

    o   Readiness to perform the tasks they are recruited for



     Question 3

    ______ charge the employer a fee for bringing qualified candidates to the organization’s attention regardless of whether the organization eventually hires these candidates.


    o   Public employment agencies

    o   Temp agencies

    o   Colleges and universities

    o   Retainer firms




    Question 4


    ______ involves the use of the Internet in an informal manner for hiring purposes through blogs, technical and specialized online journals, and informal communication with similar-minded professionals, as well as job recruiting websites that reach out and solicit qualified applicants.


    o   Internet recruiting

    o   External recruiting

    o   Social media

    o   Social networking




     Question 5

    Which of the following is NOT an external source for finding talent?


    o   Lateral transfers

    o   Employment agencies

    o   Employer websites

    o   Professional employer organizations



    Question 6

    The ______ contains Title VII, which guarantees equal opportunity in employment, and prohibits discrimination based on gender, religion, race, national origin, or color.


    o   Equal Employment Opportunity Act

    o   Affirmative Action Law

    o   Equal Employment Opportunities Commission

    o   Civil Rights Act




     Question 7

    Which of the following is NOT true about the current recruitment environment?


    o   There is an abundant supply of talent.

    o   Older baby boomers currently occupying managerial positions are approaching retirement age.

    o   Discrimination laws apply to applicants who are not yet employed by the organization.

    o   Strict adherence to all the laws and regulations governing recruitment is essential.



    Question 8

    According to Edward Lawler’s talent model, which of the following is most likely to promote talent from within the organization?


    o   Structure-centric hierarchical bureaucracies

    o   Structure-centric low-cost operators

    o   Human capital-centric high-involvement organizations

    o   Human capital-centric global competitors


     Question 9

    Which of the following is NOT an example of individual differences?


    o   General mental abilities

    o   The Big Five personality traits

    o   Normative development

    o   Core self-evaluations



    Question 10

    ______ provide the service of leasing talent to other organizations based on their needs.


    o   Employment agencies

    o   Headhunters

    o   Temp agencies

    o   Contingency firms




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  1. BUS 303 Week 2 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford UniversityQuestion 1Which of the following is NOT an example of human capital?oSkillsoOpenness to experienceoKnowledgeoAbilities
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