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    BUS 303 Week 3 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | Ashford University

    BUS 303 Week 3 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | Ashford University 

    Week 3 - Discussion 1

    Compensation and Benefits

    Last week you explored various recruitment methods. For this discussion, you will be considering three candidates for the position of administrative assistant at your company. Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review the article What Are the Components of a Comprehensive Total Rewards & Motivation System?  Then, complete the Compensation and Benefits  In this activity, you will make a selection from three candidate profiles and determine the compensation and benefits that will be offered to each of them.

    Address the following in the discussion forum after you have completed the activity:

    ·         Briefly state which candidate you selected.

    ·         List the five benefits you selected to be included in this employee’s total rewards package.

    ·         For each benefit you selected, explain why you selected it and how you believe it will impact organizational effectiveness and the employee (considering aspects like company size, organizational culture, budget, the position itself, as well as the employee).

    Your initial post must be a minimum of 300 words. Cite at least one scholarly source to support your response.

    Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts . In each response, compare your peers’ total rewards package with yours. 

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  1. BUS 303 Week 3 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | Ashford UniversityWeek 3 Discussion 1 AnsBriefly sta
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