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    HSE 101 Week 1 Journal | Assignment Help | SNHU

    HSE 101 Week 1 Journal | Assignment Help | SNHU 

    1-2 Journal: Areas of Interest in Human Services



    Visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' website, specifically the pages on Social and Human Service Assistants and Community and Social Service Occupations. Also visit the What Is Human Services? Page of the National Organization for Human Services. In a journal posting, share what type of agency you might be interested in working for and what type of human services network (e.g., community resources) you would need to familiarize yourself with in order to address the needs of your clients. How would you develop this network? For example, if you wanted to work in a Head Start program for children ages 3–4, parents would probably ask you for resources that cover medical care, food, housing, and clothing.

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  1. HSE 101 Week 1 Journal | Assignment Help | SNHUEven though, I think it would be difficult for me emo
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