HSE 101 Week 2 Discussion | Assignment Help | SNHU

HSE 101 Week 2 Discussion | Assignment Help | SNHU

2-1 Discussion: Human Services Agencies


In your textbook readings, you explored different human services agencies. Create a list of human services agencies in your community or the community in which you hope to work upon graduating. The list should include at least six agencies or organizations, the address of each agency, a hyperlink to its website, and a short list of services the agency offers to clients.

Include an introductory summary to your list by explaining the setting for services and any specific needs of the area.

Review two of your classmates’ posts and respond to them by explaining how your lists are similar or different (e.g., did you identify more medical services than your classmate? Are there thematic differences in the types of services in your classmate’s list as compared to your own? What do you think accounts for these differences in services?).

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.


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