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    HRM 300 Week 1 Quiz | Assignment Help | University Of Phoenix

    HRM 300 Week 1 Quiz | Assignment Help | University Of Phoenix 

    Question 1

    What are the challenges (trends) Consolidation Tech Plus (CTP), Inc. should be aware of in the environment of human resource management that require HR to play a more central role in​ this growing organization?



    o   Hiring​ employees, administering​ benefits, and conducting appraisals

    o   Communication, employee​ satisfaction, and safe work environment

    o   Workforce​ diversity challenges, technological challenges, and economic challenges

    o   Sales​ promotion, financial​ health, and production processes



    Question 2

    Currently CTP does not have a diverse workforce. How is the workforce likely to become more diverse?


    o   There will be a higher percentage of minority group members in the workplace.

    o   There will be fewer women in the workplace.

    o   The company will offer a more diverse product line to attract new customers.

    o   Work will be contracted to foreign companies.



    Question 3

    If CTP is going to have an effective human resource department then the company must understand that human resources is best defined as the process of ________.



    o   Acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees

    o   Outsourcing and offshoring clerical jobs to foreign countries

    o   Organizing and scheduling work activities for teams

    o   Controlling and orienting new employees



    Question 4

    Using best practices as utilized in most organizations and by most professionals, CTP human resource managers should be categorized as ________, who assist and advise ________ in areas like recruiting, hiring, and compensation.



    o   Line managers; middle managers

    o   Staff managers; line managers

    o   Functional managers; staff managers

    o   Line managers; staff managers



    Question 5

    Which of the following best explains why a human resource management department in CTP is important to not only the company but all managers?



    o   Technological changes and global competition require clear organization charts.

    o   An enthusiastic labor force is likely to provide financial support to local unions.

    o   Economic challenges facing the world call for advanced cost-cutting and streamlining.

    o   Investing in human capital enables managers to achieve positive results for the firm.



    Question 6

    Personnel mistakes to be avoided by the CTP human resource department while managing should include all of the following EXCEPT ________.



    o   Experiencing high turnover

    o   Having your company in court due to your discriminatory actions

    o   Offering training and development programs

    o   Hiring the wrong person for the job



    Question 7

    CTP, as does most modern employers, will expect HR managers in the company to do all of the following EXCEPT ________.



    o   Recruit the talent they need

    o   Hire foreign workers

    o   Retain retirees

    o   Communicate with shareholders



    Question 8

    By 2024, U.S.-based service-providing industries like CTP are expected to account for ________ of wage and salary jobs overall.



    o   64%

    o   81%

    o   72%

    o   53%



    Question 9

    Companies like CTP that rely on freelancers, consultants, and other such non-traditional employees need special HR _____________ and __________ to deal with them.



    o   Policies and practices

    o   Compensation and bonuses

    o   Leaders and hours

    o   Orientation and training



    Question 10

    Tara Robles earned an MBA degree and is now your Senior HR manager for the department. In which of the following tasks does Tara's advanced degree benefit her the most?



    o   Training interns to perform basic computer tasks

    o   Distributing pension payments to retiring employees

    o   Recruiting college graduates for entry-level positions

    o   Assisting upper management in formulating business strategies



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