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    HRM 300 Week 2 Assignment Help | Quiz | University Of Phoenix

    HRM 300 Week 2 Assignment Help | Quiz | University Of Phoenix 

    Question 1

    According to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, an employer may pay workers differently for all of the following reasons EXCEPT for ________.



    o   Seniority

    o   Gender

    o   Merit systems

    o   Production quantity



    Question 2

    Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act specifically prohibits discrimination based on all of the following characteristics EXCEPT ________.



    o   National origin

    o   Religion

    o   Color

    o   Cultural orientation



    Question 3

    The EEOC was initially established to investigate complaints about ________.



    o   Job discrimination

    o   Sexual harassment in public schools

    o   Accommodations for disabled workers

    o   Unfair business practices



    Question 4

    The Vocational Rehabilitation Act requires that employer’s ________.



    o   Perform background checks

    o   Promote female employees

    o   Accommodate disabled workers

    o   provide training opportunities



    Question 5

    According to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, it is unlawful to ________.



    o   Allow juries to determine age discrimination

    o   Fire older employees for insubordination

    o   Institute a minimum age for employees

    o   Require employees to retire at age 65



    Question 6

    According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which of the following is considered a disability?


    o   Compulsive gambling

    o   Homosexuality

    o   Cosmetic disfigurement

    o   voyeurism

    Question 7

    According to the ADA, firms must employ all disabled individuals who apply for positions and provide them with job training when necessary.



    Question 8

    A firm's ethics code outlines its mission, vision, appraisal system, and hiring policies.



    Question 9

    The principles of conduct governing an individual or a group are referred to as ________.



    Question 10

    Which of the following leads to the majority of ethical compromises in the workplace?


    Question 11

    According to research, most adults base their work-related ethical decisions on ________.



    Question 12

    Based on research into ethical behavior in the workplace, which of the following is a TRUE statement?


    Question 13

    According to ethics surveys, which of the following is the underlying factor behind most ethical lapses in the workplace?

    Question 14

    Right-to-work laws inhibit union formation by ________.



    Question 15

    In which human resource activity does a typical labor agreement NOT give the union a role?



    Question 16

    Factors that cause workers to unionize include all EXCEPT________.



    Question 17

    Employees join unions in response to ________.



    Question 18

    The National Labor Relations Board was primarily established for the purpose of ________.



    Question 19

    Which law sought to protect union members from possible wrongdoing on the part of their unions?




    Question 20

    The Landrum-Griffin Act encouraged union activity by guaranteeing each employee the right to bargain collectively without interference, restraint, or coercion.



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