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    Orgnizational Behaviour

    Critical Thinking Questions (30 points)
    1. "Emotional intelligence is more important than cognitive intelligence in influencing an individual's success." Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Fully support your perspective.
    2. Describe a time when you effectively managed someone's emotions - either personall or professional. What happened? What was the result?
    3. What factors influence an employee's organizational loyalty? What factors are important to you. Thoroughly explain your reasoning for these factors.
    4. A senior official of a labor union state: "All stress management does is help people cope with poor management. [Employers] should really be into stress reduction." Discuss the accuracy of this statement so that someone who does not know anything about Organization Behavior Theory can understand your argument.
    Critical Thinking Questions (30 points)
    1. A management consultant is hired by a manufacturing firm to determine the best sit for its next production facility. The consultant has had several meeting with the company's senior executive regarding the factors to consider when making the recommendations. Discuss the decision-making problems that might prevent the consultant from choosing the best site location.
    2. Intuition is both an emoitial experience and an unconscious analytic process. One problem, however is that not all emotions signaling that there is a problem or opportunity, represent intuition. Explain how we would know if our "gut feelings" are intuition or not, and if not intuition, suggest what might be causing them.
    3. A developer received financial backing for a new business financial center along derelict section of the waterfront, a few miles from the current downtown area of a large European city. The idea was to build a several high-rise structures, attract to those sites prestigious tenants requiring large leases, and have the city extend transportation systems out to the new center. Over the next decade, the developer believed that others would build in the area, thereby attracting the regional or naitonal offices of many financial institutions. Interest from potential tenants was much lower than initially predicted, and the city did not build transportation systems as quickly as expected. Still, the builder proceeded with the original plans. Only after financial support was curtailed did the developer reconsider the project. Using your knowledge of escalation of commitment, discuss three possible reasons why the developer was motivated to continue with the project. Be specific.
    4. Two characteristic of creative people are that they have relevant experience and are persistent in their quests. Does this mean that people with the most experience and the highest need for achievement are the most creative? Explain your answer.
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