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    Assignment TWO Research

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    16 Jul 2015
    Assignment TWO Research Essay, Total Marks 100 
    An individual Assignment Weighting 35%
    Due Date: Thursday 23th September 2014 at 5.00pm
    Critically examine and evaluate the literature relating to change theories and practices and discuss their relevance to the strategy of a business.
    Investigate and discuss various aspects of sustainability. Evaluate their importance to the future of a company- strategy (you may relate this to a specific company but not the one identified in Assignment 1 and the company must be approved by the lecturer). Discuss any changes that the company may need to consider to ensure sustainability.
    Length and workload input
    Length: 2500 +/- 250 words. Length limit excludes bibliography, appendices, figures.
    You are expected to research 10-12 appropriate academic journal articles and relevant text books. Internet references or Wikipedia sources are not appropriate research resources and marks will be deducted for use. 
    INTRODUCTION (10% of word count) -                     15 marks
    Explains how the essay is structured, introduces key ideas/issues, and how these will be addressed. State any assumptions you have, or limitations resulting from the research. Set out clear objectives to be achieved in this essay.
    MAIN BODY OF THE ESSAY (75% of word count) -    60 Marks
    Adopts a critical tone							(10 marks)
    Student must agree/disagree with statements in the literature and give 
    reasons for their standpoint with support using relevant literature.
    										(25 marks)
    Analysis and Synthesis of ideas					(15 marks)
    Stated positions are justified and supported by citations from journal
    articles and books.							(10 marks) 
    Conclusions and referencing (15% of word count) -   25 Marks
    Key themes are discussed, leading to sound conclusions     (15 Marks)	
    REFERENCING (must be to APA standard)                          (10 Marks)	

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  1. Introduction Sustainability is a particular concept which is very important for the organizations
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