Centers for Disease Control and Prevetion’s huma

1.Analyze the organizational design of the CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevetion’s human resource management in relationship to the entire organization. Assess its strengths and weaknesses. 

2. Assess the agency in terms of its global or international linkages, highlighting its application of theory to its approach to personnel management. 

3. Analyze at least three (3) of the major components of the agency’s human resource system’s goals and practices regarding the recruitment and hiring of a qualified workforce. 

4. Evaluate the agency’s approach to training and programs provided for new and existing employees for the development of knowledge, skills, and overall competencies, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses. 

5. Recommend at least two (2) actions the agency could take to improve in the areas of recruiting and training a qualified workforce. 

Provide at least four (4) relevant and credible outside sources that support the content of this assignment.

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