How are a population and a sample relate

1.      How are a population and a sample related but different?


2.      Why is convenience sampling biased?


3.      SRS stands for what kind of sample?  Name and define.


4.      Discuss how to choose a SRS of 4 towns from this list:


Allendale         Bangor             Chelsea                        Detour             Edmonton        Fennville

Gratiot             Hillsdale          Ionia                Joliet                Kentwood        Ludington


5.      What is a stratified random sample?


6.      What is a multistage sample?


7.      What is undercoverage?


8.      What is nonresponse?


9.      What is response bias?


10.  Why is the wording of questions important?  Give an example.

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31 Jan 2018
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