What is the union of two events?

1.      What is the union of two events?


2.      What is an intersection of two events?


3.      How can we test independence?


4.      Perform an independence test on the smoking/education chart from problem 110 to show that smoking status and education are not independent.




5.      Make a Venn diagram for the following situation:


45% of kids like Barney

25% of kids like Blue

55% of kids like Pooh

15% of kids like Blue and Pooh

25% of kids like Barney and Pooh

5% of kids Barney, Blue, and Pooh

5% of kids like Blue but not Barney or Pooh


6.      A dartboard has a circle with a 20-inch diameter drawn inside a 2-foot square.  What is the probability that a dart lands inside the circle given that it at least lands inside the square?  (Assume a random trial here.)


7.      Give an example of a discrete random variable.


8.      Give an example of a continuous random variable.


9.      Make a probability histogram of the following grades on a four-point scale:


Grade                 0          1          2          3          4

Probability       0.05     0.28     0.19     0.32     0.16


10.  Using problem 179, what is P(X > 2)?



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31 Jan 2018
Due Date: 01 Feb 2018

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