Where are the mean and median located

1.      Where are the mean and median located on a normal distribution.


2.      Jay Olshansky from the University of Chicago was quoted in Chance News as arguing that for the average life expectancy to reach 100, 18% of people would have to live to 120.  What standard deviation is he assuming for this statement to make sense?  (Assume normal distribution.)


3.      Cucumbers grown on a certain farm have weights with a standard deviation of 2 ounces.  What is the mean weight if 85% of the cucumbers weigh less than 16 ounces?  (Assume normal distribution.)


4.      If 75% of all families spend more than $75 weekly for food, while 15% spend more than $150, what is the mean weekly expenditure and what is the standard deviation?  (Assume normal distribution.)


For problems 225-228 consider the process of a drawing a card from a standard deck and replacing it.  Let A be drawing a heart, B be drawing a king, and C be drawing a spade.


5.      Are the events A and B disjoint?  Explain.


6.      Are the events A and B independent?  Explain.


7.      Are the events A and C disjoint?  Explain.


8.      Are the events A and C independent?  Explain.


9.      Give me an example of two events that are disjoint and independent.


10.  What does the symbol È mean?


11.  What does the symbol Ç mean?

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31 Jan 2018
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