The sample mean for the above frequency

281.The sample mean for the above frequency table is calculated as 36.25. Calculate the (approximate)

sample variance and standard deviation for this data set.

Use the following to answer 282

A CFO is looking at how much of a company's resources are spent on computing. The CFO samples

companies in the pharmaceutical industry and developed the following stem-and-leaf graph.

282.What is the approximate shape of the distribution of the data?

283.What is the smallest percent spent on computing?

284.If a frequency histogram were to be created using these data, how many classes would you create?

Full file at https://fratstock.eu 285.Personnel managers usually want to know where a job applicant ranked in an entrance test for their

company. With a score of 3.83, Michelle Robinson ranked above the 93rdpercentile of the other

applicants. What is the percentile rank of an applicant whose score was the median value?

286.The Rivertown city council is attempting to choose one of two sites (A or B) as the location for its

new emergency facility. After the new emergency facility becomes available for service, the current

emergency facility will be shut down. The project manager has estimated the following response times

in minutes from each of the proposed sites to the four areas that must be served by the emergency


The number of emergency runs from the current emergency facility to each of the four areas over the past

year is as follows:

Compute the weighted mean response time from both proposed locations and determine which proposed

site should be selected for the new emergency facility.


Consider the following data:

(a) Create a stem and leaf display for the sample.

(b) Describe the shape of the stem and leaf display.

(c) What is the mode?

(d) What is the media?

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