Ratio variables have the following chara

11. Ratio variables have the following characteristics: 
A. Meaningful order
B. An inherently defined zero value
C. Categorical in nature
D. Predictable


12. When we are choosing a random sample and we do not place chosen units back into the population, we are: 
A. Sampling with Replacement
B. Sampling without Replacement
C. Using a Systematic Sample
D. Using a Voluntary Response Sample


13. Which of the following is a quantitative variable? 
A. The make of a TV
B. A person's gender
C. Mileage of a car
D. Whether a person is a college graduate
E. Whether a person has a charge account


14. Which of the following is a categorical variable? 
A. Air Temperature
B. Bank Account Balance
C. Daily Sales in a Store
D. Whether a Person Has a Traffic Violation
E. Value of Company Stock


15. Measurements from a population are called 
A. Statistics
B. Observations
C. Variables
D. Processes


16. In studying processes, we are interested in examining a characteristic that tells us about the _____ of output. 
A. Random Sampling
B. Statistics
C. Variable
D. Quality


17. The two types of quantitative variables are: 
A. Ordinal and ratio
B. Interval and ordinal
C. Nominative and ordinal
D. Interval and ratio
E. Nominative and interval


18. Temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) is an example of a(n) ________ variable. 
A. Nominative
B. Ordinal
C. Interval
D. Ratio


19. Jersey numbers of soccer players is an example of a(n) ___________ variable. 
A. Nominative
B. Ordinal
C. Interval
D. Ratio


20. Weights of items obtained using a well-adjusted scale represents a(n) _____________ level of measurement. 
A. Nominative
B. Ordinal
C. Interval
D. Ratio


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