A _____ variable can have values that ar

. A _____ variable can have values that are numbers on the real number line. 
A. qualitative
B. quantitative
C. random
D. nominative


. A sequence of operations that takes inputs and turns them into outputs is a _____. 
A. process
B. statistical analysis
C. runs plot
D. random sampling


. A _____ variable can have values that indicate into which of several segments of a population it belongs. 
A. qualitative
B. quantitative
C. ratio
D. interval


. A set of existing units we wish to study is called a _____. 
A. sample
B. frame
C. census
D. population


. _____ refers to describing the important aspects of a set of measurements. 
A. Statistical Process Control
B. Runs plot
C. Descriptive statistics
D. Times Series plot


. In situations when it is not possible to number all of the units in a population, we often use a _____ sample to approximate a random sample. 
A. random with replacement
B. systematic
C. random without replacement
D. statistical


. A runs plot with an erratic pattern would indicate that the process is _____. 
A. in control
B. out of control
C. random
D. fluctuating


. If a unit is placed back into the population after being selected for a sample, we are sampling _____. 
A. without replacement
B. during replacement
C. with replacement
D. consistently


. A _____ is used to help select items for a random sample. 
A. runs plot
B. qualitative variable
C. ratio variable
D. random number table


. A process that is in statistical control does not necessarily imply that the process is __________. 
A. statistically random
B. using a quantitative variable
C. observational
D. capable


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