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Objective:  The Team project requires you to conduct a complete analysis of a business.  A key feature of the project is that it requires your team to identify and obtain relevant information.  Thus, in addition to being evaluated on your ability to apply the tools of analysis described in the course, you will also be evaluated on your ability to identify and obtain the relevant information.  


Each team will create a website to display the final company analysis. The website will contain the following information:

Company Background and Strategy

Briefly describe the company’s industry, markets, products, and specific lines of business. Discuss its strategy for success and, most importantly, the sustainability of profits generated by the strategy.  Refer especially to business description and risk factors of your company’s most recent 10-K (MD & A Analysis).  You may also use information from the company website.





                Notes to the Financial Statements

Discuss key aspects of the information provided in the company Notes to the Financial Statements. Address the following three areas:

  • Significant Accounting Policies

  • Contingent Liabilities (if any)

  • Other specific notes that stick out as interesting or potentially significant to the business and/or important to investors such as M&A, R&D, business reorganizations, etc.

Discuss how this information is helpful for assessing the financial health of the company.





Financial Analysis Techniques

Discuss at least 3 techniques of financial analysis (one must be ratio analysis). The techniques chosen can be either quantitative or qualitative. Comment on the pros and cons/limitations of each technique.



                Ratio Analysis & Common Size Statements (Trends)

(1) Using Appendix 5: Summary of Financial Ratios, choose two ratios from each category (liquidity, activity, leverage, profitability, and market). You will have a total of 10 ratios for each of the three years presented. Display ratios in a chart as follows.


Use the three most recently completed years for which financial statements are available.


20XX (1)

20XX (2)

20XX (3)





  Ratio 1




  Ratio 2












  Ratio 1




  Ratio 2












  Ratio 1




  Ratio 2












  Ratio 1




  Ratio 2












  Ratio 1




  Ratio 2




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