Unit 6 Assignment Could ADKAR Improve this Project?

 The Get Well Health Care Company directors noticed a significant drop in the companies customer service ratings.  It was determined that an Agile Lean approach to improving the methods for receiving, processing, and resolving customer questions and complaints was needed.  The CEO of the company is anxious to get the effort underway.  You have been appointed to lead this effort.  You are told by the CEO when she appoints you that the employees of the customer service unit are unaware of the change that is to occur, nor are they aware of the drop in the customer service ratings.You decide to use the ADKAR Model to assist the employees in this unit address the change. 

In this assignment you are to list and explain each step of the ADKAR Model and describe what you would do under each of these steps to help the employees of the customer service unit navigate this change. 
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08 Oct 2019
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