3-1: Group Paper and Presentation - BAM Year 1

Action Items

  1. Based on the CFO's answers to your group's questions, your research from Issue and Rule Research, and your required readings, do the following for each identified accounting issue with your group:
    1. Issue: Succinctly state the accounting issue.
    2. Rule: Using your research of authoritative accounting sources, briefly identify and explain the authoritative rule.
    3. Analysis: Apply the facts of the case study to the rule and provide an in-depth analysis based on the issue. Your analysis should also include supporting schedules, calculations, and/or correcting journal entries.
    4. Conclusion: State your conclusion(s) based upon the results of your analysis and indicate any changes to the financial statements and disclosure notes resulting from the rule.
  2. Using Word and/or Excel, prepare corrected balance sheet and statement of income and retained earnings including supporting schedules that incorporate the following items (Excel - Financial statements and journal entries. Word - Examinations, summaries, disclosure notes, etc...):
    1. Evaluation of the issuance of common stock.
    2. Assessment of the accounting for start-up costs.
    3. Analysis of the capitalization vs. expense treatment.
    4. Evaluation of revenue recognition including income deferral.
    5. Formulation of the accounting treatment for net operating losses.
    6. Calculation of the earnings per share.
    7. Prepare a statement of cash flows.
    8. Draft a complete set of financial statement disclosure notes.
  3. With your group, complete the work necessary for a formal presentation of your findings to be delivered using a Word and/or Excel document.


  1. Instructions to access the RIA Checkpoint and the FASB Accounting Standards Codification databases. Accounting research data can be accessed either through the:
    1. RIA Checkpoint database - Practice Area: Accounting, Audit and Corporate Finance located on the Franklin library website or through the
  2. American Accounting Association (AAA) FASB Codification student login. Login information for the AAA website can be obtained from your professor.
  3. Review the six (6) steps utilized in applied accounting research. 
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11 Oct 2019
Due Date: 12 Oct 2019

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