Assume you are a. a
Manufacturing Manager who is responsible for leading a global cross functional
team. The team has been tasked with developing a more cost effective way of
producing your specialty motorcycle known as the “Hot Rod” without sacrificing
product quality. Your team- job is to figure out the best new processes and
test them before the end of the next quarter. Since the team has only six months
to complete this task, time is of the essence.

Answer the following
questions and post them in the discussion thread by .
Be sure to incorporate your weekly readings, cite your sources using proper APA
(including intext citations and references). Respond with meaningful feedback
which adds value to the discussion to two classmates before the end of the
1.	How can personal networking help you achieve this task?
    2.	What specific barriers to communication may occur in
     your project and how might you mange to overcome them?
 3.	How can horizontal communication help you lead this team?
 4.	How might culture affect communication on this team?
 5.	What specific communication methods would you use to
     keep the team members and management informed on the project, due dates
     and launch activities?

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06 Jan 2016

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  1. Vikas


    The team working ability provides the good result in a sh ****** ******
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