Is this plagiarism? I wanted to see if the below is considered plagiarism

I am in ninth grade at the moment and I was required to do a discussion board. The prompt was whether I would allow a person into my home if the purge were real and they were stranded? I answered the question and was one of the first ones out of my peers to do this. I checked back to see if anyone else had responded to the prompt and there was one person who did. She took what I said and slightly changed it to look like it was what she said. This assignment only required three sentences and, it was online . We were also told to respond to our peers responses and she did the same thing. I don't like being copied off of but I do not know if this counts as plagiarism. If you were to compare both responses then you could tell they were very similar. Should I tell the teacher? If so what do I tell them? This class was intro to social studies by the way.

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24 Feb 2021
Due Date: 22 Feb 2021

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