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QUESTION 1 (COMPULSORY) a. A company has three (3) branches in Ghana – Wa, Kumasi and Accra. The manager of the Kumasi branch has been found guilty of gross infractions in the business and has been forced to resign. During investigations into the allegations levelled against the Manager at the Kumasi Branch, the CEO discovers that company level cohesion is low.

 What organizational structure would you recommend for the company to help improve interaction between staff in all branches and why? [10 marks] 

b. In response to the threat of Covid-19, UPSA has successfully migrated course content and delivery to an online learning management system. 

i. What grand strategy best fits UPSA’s action? [1 mark] ii. Briefly explain why UPSA’s migration of courses online cannot be termed as retrenchment. [1 mark] 

iii. State major responses by the following functional units emanating from the delivery of online programmes at UPSA – Information Services and Technology Department and Human Resource Department. [5 marks]

 iv. State two (2) conditions under which UPSA’s migration of all courses online can be termed as a differentiation strategy. [3 marks] [Total: 20 marks]

a. Quote the mission and vision statements of a company in the Ghana Club 100. [5 marks] (Note: Copy and paste the weblink of the statements in your answer) 

b. Being mindful of the characteristics of a vision statement, critique the vision statement quoted in (a) above. [5 marks] 

c. Analyse the quoted mission statement using the components of a mission statement. [10 marks]

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15 Apr 2021
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