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Part C:    Lisa Medina, a certified coder, performs medical coding for a large multi-specialty clinic. You have just been hired as Lisa’s assistant. She has asked you to review the encounter forms for the day, on which physicians have checked off the diagnoses of each patient. You notice that Dr. Parker, an endocrinologist, has checked off the box for Diabetes unspecified for most of his patients without checking off any manifestations or complications. You think this is unusual because many diabetic patients do have complications.


               Provide detailed answers for each of the following questions. Your response should at least 150 words in length.


·               What are the options for handling this situation?


·               Which option would you select? Give three reasons for your choice.


·               With whom should you consult before acting on your choice?


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05 Jun 2021
Due Date: 06 Aug 2021

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