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Part D:	Sarah Egan is the office manager in Dr. Williams’s practice. Nell Jacobs, who has worked as a CMA (AAMA) in the office for one year, has frequently been absent or tardy on Mondays. Sarah suspects that Nell has a drinking problem. However, Nell has never arrived at the office intoxicated—until today. Sarah has just observed Nell stumbling in the parking lot when getting out of her car. Her speech is slurred, and her breath has a fruity odor that Sarah thinks could be alcohol. Nell does not appear to understand anything that Sarah is saying to her.

Provide detailed answers for each of the following questions. Your response should at least 250 words in length.

•	Given the situation, as the office manager, what should Sarah do immediately regarding Nell?

•	If Sarah decides to send Nell home, should she call Nell’s husband to come and get her, or, perhaps, insist that Nell go home in a cab?

•	Does Sarah have an obligation to tell Dr. Williams about her suspicions regarding Nell?

•	Should this incident become part of Nell’s employment record?

•	Is this incident grounds for firing an employee?

•	Because Nell is a CMA (AAMA) and works with patients, is it within Sarah’s rights to demand a blood and urine screening for alcohol and drugs?

•	Should the police be notified of the incident?

•	If Nell is indeed intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, is Sarah obligated to refer Nell to counseling at an alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility?
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05 Jun 2021
Due Date: 07 Jun 2021

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    Answer:1.Sarah should quickly stand up to Nell, just to know whether she is affected by liquor or me ****** ******
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    Pa ****** ******
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