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Read the following case study and attempt the questions at the end of it.


Web based Student Registration System (WSRS) at Tandala College of

Accountancy (TCA) is seeking to develop an online student enrolment system (the System) whereby the students would be able to enrol themselves into eligible modules at the beginning of each semester and pay their tuition fees online. You have been hired as the Business Analyst for this project. Founded in Arusha in 1991, TCA has experienced a remarkable growth in student numbers in recent years and has opened new campuses in three other Tanzanian towns/cities including Dodoma, Dar Es Salaam and Babati. TCA currently has 10,000 students across their four campuses with an estimated 5000 student intake in each academic year. This phenomenal growth in their student numbers has necessitated the need for an online student enrolment system. Once developed, this system will replace the manual enrolment process that is currently in place. The current manual enrolment process is labour intensive, error-prone, and rather inefficient as it requires the Student Enrolment Officers to manually enrol each student into the subjects upon the receipt of a study plan from the students. The Deputy Rector (Academic, Research and Consultancy) envisages an online student enrolment system which would allow students to complete their enrolments and tuition fee payments before the end of registration date. The System should not only enable Student Enrolment Officers of each School to create, edit and remove courses/programmes offered by their departments but also to create, edit and remove core modules and electives offered in each course. The students should be able to access the system through a device of their choice (e.g. desktop web browser, mobile phone or tablet app). Most modules would have pre-requisites that must be satisfied before the students are eligible to enrol in the modules. It would be the responsibility of the Program Directors to provide and update the relevant course and subject information including the descriptor, availability (i.e. whether a module or a course is offered in a certain semester) and the prerequisites. The Timetabling Officers may also create, edit and remove timetables for each available module through the new System. Each campus will hold multiple classes for the same module. A module is offered in the form of classes. Each campus may offer multiple classes for the same module. Once logged into the System, students should be able to view all the available modules, enrol in and drop subjects. The System will detect timetable clashes and prevent students from enrolling into modules that clash. The System should not let students to enrol in too many or few modules unless they have an increased or reduced study load approved by the Student Enrolment Officer. Once the enrolment has been completed the system will generate a timetable customised to each individual student outlining the class times and locations. The System will then prompt the students to pay their tuition fees through a secure payment process. The System should be able to send email reminders and SMS messages to students who have not completed the enrolment process by a designated deadline. It should also allow the Student Enrolment Officers and Program Directors to generate customized reports (e.g. a report showing a total number of students enrolled in a particular module or a course).


Answer the following questions:

1.      Who are the stakeholders in this project? Please list at least four stakeholders.

2.      Who are the Actors in this System? Please list at least four actors

3.      Identify and list at least TEN (10) major functional requirements for the System

4.      Using your own experience with similar online student enrolment systems and the information provided in the case study, identify and list FIVE (5) non-functional requirements for the System. Explain and justify each nonfunctional requirement

5.      Using your own experience with similar online student enrolment systems and the information provided in the case study, build a comprehensive set of use case diagrams for the System using software of your choice.

6.      Based on the use case diagrams you built in Question 5, develop and document two elaborated use cases. For each of the two use cases, please document the following: Use Case Name, ID, Priority, Actor, Description, Trigger, Pre-condition, Normal Course, Alternative courses, Post-conditions and Exceptions.

7.      List and justify the kind of assumptions you will make in this case study.


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