Environmental Health


 As presented in the required readings for this module, where and how people live, work, and spend their recreational time has a tremendous impact on their health. Individuals living in low and middle-income countries are at increased risk for environmental threats to health. This discussion will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of important environmental threats to health in low and middle-income countries and to discuss the burden of disease from household and ambient air pollution, unsafe water, and inadequate sanitation. Topic 

In your initial post, include the following information: Discuss the most important environmental threats to health. 

Include the following threats: Burden of Disease from household and ambient air pollution Burden of Disease from unsafe water Burden of Disease from inadequate sanitation Respond to at least two students specifying why the environmental health issues are important in global health. 


 In response to each topic or prompt provided by the instructor please do the following: 

 Provide a thoughtful and complete initial response that is a minimum of two to three paragraphs by Friday at 11:59 PM of the module week. In your responses, reference either material in the book or an external source to support your point. Don’t forget to cite your source. Provide a minimum of a one to two paragraph response to a minimum of two or more classmates that directly addresses your thoughts on their post and other required information, as indicated under the discussion topic. Please ensure that each response includes proper grammar and punctuation and is respectful in tone.

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13 Sep 2022
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