Income and Wealth Inequality

rior to beginning work on the final paper, read Menasce Horowitz, Igielnik, and Kochhar’s 1: Trends in Income and Wealth Inequality Links to an external site.and Strauss’s article The Connection Between Education, Income Inequality, and Unemployment Links to an external site.. In your final paper, you should address the following based on the information presented in the article and other research:

  • Describe how a country can measure its income inequality.
  • Evaluate the trend in the measure of income inequality for the United States from 1940–2020.
  • Evaluate the roles of globalization and advances in technology as causes of widening income inequality in the United States.
  • Compare wealth inequality to income inequality.
  • Explain trends in wealth inequality in the United States from 1940–2020.
  • Evaluate two causes of wealth inequality in the United States.
  • Evaluate the role of healthcare inequality as it relates to income and wealth inequality.
  • Estimate the wealth gap between those who have access to private insurance and those who do not.
  • Evaluate whether increasing access to affordable or free healthcare can reduce income or wealth inequality.
  • Make one recommendation on how to reduce income or wealth inequality if you were a federal policy maker.


The Income and Wealth Inequality final paper

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02 Dec 2022
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