Operations Management Homework Help

Operations Management Homework Help

Analysis of a Fast Food Restaurant, Coffee Shop, or Grocery Store


    Visit a fast food restaurant, coffee shop, or grocery store during a peak time of day. Spend 30 minutes observing the procedures in place to serve and process customers. Keep track of how long each process takes. 

    Write a 3-5 page analysis of your observations. Make sure that you answer the following: 

    • How would you measure the efficiency of the process? 
    • What are the key design principles that govern the effectiveness of this process? 
    • Did you observe lag times in the process? 
    • What part of the process was the slowest?
    • What part of the process was the fastest? 
    • What changes to the process would you recommend? 
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    12 Aug 2017
    Due Date: 12 Aug 2017

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