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Design and write a one (1) page policy and a one (1) page staff report – select one topic for this assignment

  • Assuming marijuana is legal or was just legalized in your state:
    • Write a drug-free work policy for your origination if marijuana is, or was legalized in your state - OR
    • A pre-employment drug testing policy for your organization if marijuana is or was legalized in your state
  • Identify and examine ethical issues and dilemmas created by this issue in the staff report. The staff report will be addressed to your instructor who is a city manager, county supervisor, or board of corrections.
  • Utilize the policy format from your organization
  • This assignment is single-spaced.


  • This assignment is two parts; one page policy and 500 word cover memorandum


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12 Aug 2017
Due Date: 12 Aug 2017

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