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Composition Project 1: Writing a Historical, Social, or Cultural Analysis

Write a 5-6 page essay on how The Kite Runner reveals historical, social, or cultural issues. In other words, how do history, society, and/or culture affect the characters or influence the theme, for instance?

In historical, social, or cultural analysis, your reading would extend beyond the text to include the author’s biography or autobiography; historical background information... You would consider the relevance of such information to your reading of the work.


  1. Invention/Brainstorming 5%
  2. Topic Proposal and Research Question: Write a brief description of the topic you’d like to discuss, and include the question that you will attempt to answer in your composition (100 words or less). 5%
  3. Composition 30% (Peer Review (of the first draft); second draft for me to evaluate; final composition for me to grade (5-6 pages)


  • Sufficient evidence from The Kite Runner
  • Evidence from three to four outside sources (two must be scholarly)
  • Appropriate integration of quotations
  • Correct use of MLA/APA documentation for in-text citations
  • Works Cited page in MLA/APA format
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18 Aug 2017
Due Date: 18 Aug 2017

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