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  1. (TCO 1) Compensation represents both _____ rewards.
  2. (TCO 1) Tuition reimbursement is considered which of the following?
  3. (TCO 1) What is a systematic process for gathering, documenting, and analyzing information in order to describe jobs?
  4. (TCO 1) What is a planned effort to facilitate employees' learning of job-related knowledge, skills, or behaviors?
  5. (TCO 5) The Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects employees from what age on?
  6. (TCO 5) A policy that applies to all company employees, but unintentionally hurts a protected group disproportionately, would be what form of discrimination?
  7. (TCO 7) Which of the following is an advantage of seniority pay systems?
  8. (TCO 7) Gunther Rohn was rewarded for making a suggestion that saved Ewe and Eye Electronics thousands of dollars. Which type of incentive compensation approach might have worked best?
  9. (TCO 7) According to the job characteristics theory, this core characteristic refers to the amount of freedom, independence, and discretion the employee enjoys in determining how to do the job.
  10. (TCO 5) Discrimination based on which of the following is protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
  11. (TCO 5) Which federal government entity is responsible for the interpretation of employment laws?
  12. (TCO 5) Compensation differentials between men and women performing substantially similar work fall under the purview of which piece of legislation?
  13. (TCO 4) This term refers to a difference between the output of a human judgment process and that of an objective, accurate assessment uncolored by bias, prejudice, or other subjective and extraneous influences.
  14. (TCO 4) This occurs when a rater generalizes good performance behavior in one aspect of the job to all aspects of the job.
  15. (TCO 4) This performance appraisal system is highly defensible in court because it is based on actual observable job performance behaviors.
  16. TCO 4) This type of behavioral performance appraisal system requires the employee and the supervisor to identify past performance behaviors and outcomes as either successful or unsuccessful.
  17. (TCO 4) This model is geared to promoting staffing flexibility in a company, by training employees in one department with some of the critical skills that are needed to perform effectively in another department.
  18. (TCO 4) These are four pay-for-knowledge programs.
  19. (TCO 4) When a filing clerk is trained to maintain employee attendance records, it is an example of acquiring which type of skills?
  20. (TCO 4) Employees would need to learn these types of skills in order to develop self-managed work teams
  21. (TCO 8) Which type of individual incentive plan rewards employees based on their individual hourly production against an output standard?
  22. (TCO 8) Which gain-sharing plan focuses on lowering the percentage of labor costs using a value-added formula?
  23. (TCO 8) This formula for determining the amount available for profit sharing uses a specific percentage of annual profits contingent upon the successful attainment of a specified profit goal.
  24. (TCO 2) These two are job evaluation techniques.
  25. (TCO 2) Which of the following are critical components in the job analysis process?
  26. (TCO 3) What does quartile 3 represent?
  27. (TCO 3) These are reference points against which jobs within the company are judged.
  28. (TCO 6) How are compa-ratios calculated?
  29. (TCO 6) If the company adopts a market lag policy, how will that company's pay range midpoint compare to the market average?
  30. (TCO 8) Which type of individual incentive plan requires the achievement of multiple complex objectives without compromising the quality and quantity of output generated by employees?
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08 Sep 2017
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