Intermediate Accounting

Henry Bautista needs $26,700in8years.What amount must he invest today if his investment earns12% compounded annually? What amount must he invest if his investment earns12% annual interest compounded quarterly?......
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SUSAN_WONG'S_PERSONAL_BUDGETING (linear programming model)

MODEL:TITLE: SUSAN_WONG'S_PERSONAL_BUDGETING;SETS: Month/1..12/: m; Surplus/1..12/: s; Liability/1..12/: l; Tool/1..3/: t; Return(Month,Tool): x,y; ENDDATADATA:m= 6250 2450 2450 24502450 2450 2450 24502450 2450 2450 2450;s= 3500 3090 3205 35354780 5630 5030 51805655 6435 6175 5645;l= 2750 2860 2335 2120 1205 1600 3050 2300 1975 1670 2710 2980;y= 0.005 0.02 0.07;t= 1 3 7;ENDDATA[Objective_Function] [email protected](Return(i,j): x(i,j)*y(i,j))@FOR(Month......
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Business Law Final IRAC

Scott has operated a marina on Lake Huron for several years. The marina sells boats and provides a dock space and winter boat storage to its customers. On August 1, 2014 Craig purchased the marina from Scott. As part of the sale, Craig took over all the existing contracts Scott had for the storage and docking of boats. Nick had a contract with Scott to store his boat at the marina over the winter and to rent dock space as the marina d......
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strayer university homework

Watch the video “How to align the organizational structure with the work processes,” found at, imagine you were running an organization. Briefly describe the type of structure your organization would have (either functional or divisional) and how your organization would be effective in accomplishing their organization’s goals. ......
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Marketing Homework Help

According to Gibbons (2017), designing a service requires the provider identify the touchpoints that create a customer’s journey — or rather the “experience of the user.” One tool managers use to understand the customer journey is aservice blueprint ( to an external site.)Consider a service experience in your work environment or a personal experience you may have had with a service provider. Using the service blueprint diagram ......
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