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The term engineering is derived from the Latin word Ingenium which means cleverness and the meaning of ingeniare is ‘to contrive device’. Engineering is the creative application of scientific principles, mathematical methods, and empirical evidence to the innovation, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of structures, machines, materials, devices, systems, processes, and organizations. So we provide accurate study material regarding any branch of engineering assignment help to our engineering students who study in technical universities of different countries of world i.e. UK, US, Canada, Australia, etc.

There are many branches of engineering:- The area of engineering is very vast it has mainly four branches:-

1 – Chemical engineering - it is the application of physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering principles to carry out the chemical process on a commercial scale. It includes the manufacture of commodity chemicals, specific chemicals, petroleum raffling, biomolecule production, etc.

2 – Civil engineering – It is the design and construction  of public and private works such as the construction of infrastructure Airport, water supply, railway line, roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, and buildings

3 – Electrical engineering - It is the study and design of various electronic systems such as generators, motors, electromagnetic devices, electronic circuits, optical fibers, instrumentation, telecommunications, and computer system.

4 – Mechanical engineering - It includes the designing and manufacturing of mechanical systems such as transportation products, engines, compressors, powertrains, power, and energy system,vaccum technology, vibration isolation equipment.


How can we help our students regarding Engineering assignment help?

Just question answer is the correct destination for students who study in universities of different countries i.e UK, US, Canada, Australia, etc they can purchase accurate and correct study material at an affordable price regarding engineering assignment help. Our website provides unique and accurate study material regarding any branch of engineering i.e civil, chemical, electronics, and mechanical which helps our students to improve their academic performance and to achieve good grades in their examinations. We have a great assignment helpers to provide proper guidance to our students. We also provide an online tutor facility by which students can save their time and cost.



Computer Engineering

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Design and Manufacturing

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Fluid Mechanics

72 Homework Solution

General Chemical Engineering

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General Electrical Engineering

328 Homework Solution

General Engineering

199 Homework Solution

General Materials Engineering

2 Homework Solution

General Mechanical Engineering

38 Homework Solution


0 Homework Solution

Materials Science

0 Homework Solution

Mechanical Dynamics

7 Homework Solution


0 Homework Solution

Nuclear Engineering

0 Homework Solution

Numerical Simulation

0 Homework Solution

Optical Engineering

0 Homework Solution

Quantum Electronics

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0 Homework Solution

Signal Processing

0 Homework Solution

Solid State Chemistry

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0 Homework Solution

Wireless Engineering

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