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The word geology has been derived from the Greek language. It consists of two words  Ge+ology. Ge means ‘Earth’ and logia means the study of. Geology is the science of the earth.It is concerned with the solid earth, the rocks of which it is composed and the process by which they change over time. so we provide geology assignment help to our students who study in universities of different countries that is UK, US, Canada, Australia etc.

Geology is a field of study which involves the study of material that makes up the earth, the features and structures found on earth as well as the process that acts upon them. Geology also deals with the study of the history of all life that’s ever lived on or living on the earth now. The important part of geology is the study of how life and our planet have changed over time.

Geology describes the structure of earth beneath its surface and process that have shaped that structure. It also provides the tools to determine the relatives and absolute ages of rocks found in a given location, and also to describe the histories of the earth.

The person who studies the solid and liquid matter that constitutes the earth is called geologist. Geologists work to understand the history of our planet; they use a wide variety of methods to understand the earth’s structure and evolution including field work, rock description, geophysical experiments and numerical modeling. Geology is a branch of discipline and also plays an important role in geotechnical engineering.

Geology can be classified mainly into two categories:-

Physical Geology:-It is concerned with the study of the physical features of the earth and processes acting on them. It includes earthquakes, volcanos, Oceans, mountains, rocks etc.

Historical Geography:-It deals with the study of the history of the earth. Under this branch of geology, the geologists focus on what is happened to earth since its formation. The historical geologist also studies the changes in life throughout time.


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