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The meaning of "Architecture"

The term  "Architecture" is a Latin word which is extracted from 'Greek' language. It is the process and product of planning, designing and constructing buildings, bridges, settlements, cities and interior equipment of apartments, office, buildings etc.  It can also define as an art, design, creation, and construction of objects and spaces. The person who creates and design these objects is called 'Architect'. In today's modern era existence of civil engineering depends on Architecture. The architectural /Civil engineer is responsible for the safe designing of buildings and other large-scale projects. An architect is responsible for innovative designing which leads to developing a modern society. Architects use some major concepts i.e physics, analytical mechanics, structural analysis, engineering drawing and electrical circuits and calculus. The area of architecture is very vast in ancient time it includes Origins and vernacular architecture, Islamic architecture, Asian architecture, middle age architecture etc. Architecture today includes Business architecture, cognitive architecture, enterprises architecture, Interior architecture, landscape architecture, naval architecture etc.




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