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To Define Performing Arts first of all we have to know the meaning of arts, Arts may define as an ability or skill of making or doing something whose purpose is to bring pleasure to people through their enjoyment of what is beautiful and interesting, or things often made for this purpose such as painting, drawing and sculpture.

       Performing art is that form of art in which artists use their voices, bodies to convey artistic expression. Performing arts includes a wide range of disciplines which are performed in front of live audience. The person or artist who perform is known as performer and his performance before live audience like dancing, acting, singing etc is the form of entertainment.

There are many types of Performing arts:-


(1)   Theater: - Theater is that branch of performing arts which is concerned with acting out stories in front of audience using a combination of speech, gestures, music dance, sound and spectacle.


(2)   Dance: - Dance generally refers to the human movements, typically rhythmic and to music, used as a form of audience entertainment in a performance setting.


(3)    Music: - Music is that form of art which consists of pitch, rhythm and dynamic in order to create sound. It can be performed using a variety of instruments and styles and is divide into genres such as folk, jazz, hip hop pop and rock etc.





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