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Philosophy Assignment Help

Philosophy :-

The term Philosophy  abstract from the Greek language which consist of two words  ‘Philo +sophos’philo means loves and sophos means wisdom collectively we can say that philosophy  is the love of wisdom. It is the study of knowledge and  fundamental  problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reasons, mind and languages. Philosophy may define as the body of knowledge which is concerned with religion, mathematics, natural science, education and politics. So we provide proper guidance regarding philosophy assignment help to our students who study in universities of UK, US, Canada and Australia etc

Philosophical inquiry is the main element in the intellectual history of many civilization. Philosophy may define as the researching and creation of thoughts that how people should live and how to get knowledge from environment and the person who does this process is known as philosopher. Philosophers have set of ideas, thoughts and opinions about a specific situation or phenomena. Philosophy is a particular theory that a philosopher has about how to live or how to deal with a particular situation.

The area of philosophy is very vast it has many branches which can be divided mainly into two parts:- (1) Traditional Philosophy   and  (2) Modern or Western Philosophy

Traditional Philosophy:- It has Three branches :- 


(2) Metaphysics

(3) Ethics

Modern /Western Philosophy:-

(1)   Epistemology

(2)   Metaphysics

(3)   Logic

(4)   Ethics

(5)   Aesthetics

Other Important Branches:-

(1)   Philosophy of Education

(2)   Philosophy of History

(3)   Philosophy of Language

(4)   Philosophy of law

(5)   Philosophy of mathematics

(6)   Philosophy of mind

(7)   Philosophy of mind

(8)   Philosophy of politics

(9)   Philosophy of Religion

(10)     Philosophy of science.


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