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The term politics derived from the Greek language politika which means affairs of the cities. It is the process of making a decision that applies to members of the group.

Politics refers to exercising and achieving positions of governance or organized control over a human community and particular state. The person who is involved in politics and holds strong beliefs about it is called a politician.

Many political parties have been formed by many people in the modern nation to represent their views and ideas. An election is usually a competition between different parties, followings are the famous political parties:-

Ø  African National Parties(South Africa)

Ø  Tories (Great Britain)

Ø  Indian National Congress(India)

Ø  States

Followings are the main forms of political organizations:-

 Ø  The non-government organization (NGO’s)

Ø  International Organisations(United Nations)


States are the predominant institutional form of political organization where the state is considered as an institution and government are considered as a regime in power.

Political Science:- Political science may define as social science which focuses on the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national, and international levels.

Political science consists of following subfields:-

1.       Comparative politics.

2.      Political Economy.

3.      International relations.

4.      Political theory

5.      Public Administration.

6.      Public Policy.

7.      Political Methodology.

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American Policy

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Campaigns and Elections

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Comparative Politics

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Congressional Politics

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Constitutional Law

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East Asian Politics

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European Politics

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Foreign Relations

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General Political Science

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International Relations Theory

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Law and Society

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Mass Media and Politics

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Political Research

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Politics in the Ancient World

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Politics of Post-Cold War

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Social Justice

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