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The meaning of Arts

The term "Art" is derived from Latin word "ars" which means skill or craft. The word art is commonly used to describe something of beauty and skill which produces an aesthetic result. Art is a universal or global activity which encompasses a host of discipline as evidenced by a range of words and phrases. The field of arts is very vast There are many forms of arts i.e applied arts, craft arts, design arts, Visual arts, performing arts and visual arts etc. According to the materials, arts can be classified in many specific categories such as metal arts, glass art, sculpture, painting, drawings, aerosol art, fine arts photography, animation and it can be subcategorized as painting in oil, watercolors sculpture in bronze etc. It can be classified on the basis of different Genre such as narrative, genre-works, portrait, landscape, etc.



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Art History

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Character Animation

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Color Theory

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Computer Graphics

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Costume Design

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Drawing and Decorative Arts

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General Art

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Graphic Design

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Plastic Arts / Sculpture

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