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Urban Planning and policy Assignment Help

Urban planning and policies:-

Structure plans, programmes and local plans provides an overview of policy in urban planning. Urban planning may define as a technical and political process which is concerned with the development and design of land use in an urban environment, including air, water and the infrastructure passing into and out of urban areas like transportation and communication.

Urban Planning is considered as a versatile field that includes social, engineering and design science. Urban planning guides in development in urban, suburban, and rural areas and redevelopment of water resources, agriculture land, parks and conserving areas of natural environmental significance. The field of urban planning is very wide as it includes land use planning, economic development, Environmental planning, and transportation planning.

The person who formulates a plan for development and management of urban and suburban areas are called urban planners. The urban planner officers are called blue caller officers. The uses following theoretical approaches for urban planning:-

1.      The Rational comprehensive approach.

2.      The incremental approach.

3.      The Transitive approach.

4.      The Communicative approach.

5.      The Advocacy approach.

6.      The Equity approach.

7.      The Radical approach.

8.      The Humanist or phenomenological approach.



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