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Preventative Medicine

The medical definition of Preventative medicine means all those practices or activities of medical study that are framed to avoid and deflect disease.

For an example, screening of hyper tension and taking the treatment of it. Before it can to create any disease is good Preventative medicine.

This is the practice that all the physicians do keep their patients healthy. According to the American Board Of Medicine Specialties (ABMS) it is a unique medical specialty which aims to protect, promote and maintain health and well being to Preventative diseases, disabilities and death.

Preventive medicine is also known as Preventative care which is a method that consist of slowing down the production of diseases rather than curing and treating their symptoms. 

Regardless of this theory everyone has right to seek healthcare whether an individual is having or producing an unnoticeable symptoms of diseases or not.

Preventative medicine is worth celebrating during National Public Health Week (NPHW). It is not as razzle-dazzle as the latest PET scanner but people are much more likely to enjoy their great grandchildren if they commit to healthy life style.

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