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Asian Studies:-

The term Asian studies is concerned with the Asian people and it is generally used in North America for oriental studies. Asian studies is related with Asian people’s culture, languages, history and politics. It consist of sociology, history, cultural, anthropology and many other disciplines.  In many universities Asian studies form a field of post graduate study. So that we provide Asian studies assignment Help to our students who study in the universities of UK,US, Canada, Australia etc.

Asian study may define as an interdisciplinary programme that introduces students to the critical and methodological approaches that have informed the study of Asia. It is the largest interdisciplinary programs at Swarthmore. It trains students in the study of diverse texts, images, performance, bodies of knowledge and culture practices across geographic and temporal boundaries. The main aim of Asian studies is to provide students with a depth of knowledge and multiple critical perspectives with which to understand how these diverse locales have been and continue to be interwoven with the global.

Many western universities combine Asian, African and Islamic studies in a single faculty or institute like SOAS in London. It is a branch of area studies It has 8 main branches :-

1.      South Asian Studies

2.      Southeast Asian  Studies

3.      East Asian Studies.

4.      Middle Eastern Studies.

5.      Central Asian studies.

6.      Semitic Studies.

7.      Jewish Studies.

8.      Islamic Studies.


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