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The word Biology derived from the Greek language which consists of two words Bios and logos, Bios means life and Logos means study thus we can say that biology is the science or study of life. We can define biology as a scientific study of life. It is an incredibly broad and diverse field.  So we provide assignment help regarding Biology to our students who study in universities of UK, US, Canada, Australia and other foreign countries.

The person who study the structure, Functions, growth, origin, evolution and distribution of living organisms. The field of biology is very vast, it has mainly nine fields of biology, each of which consists of multiple subfields:-

1.      Biochemistry:- It is the study of the material substance that makes up living things.

2.      Botany:-  Botany is the study of plants including agriculture.

3.      Cellular Biology:-It is the study of the basic cellular units of living things.

4.      Ecology :- Under this field of biology the biologists  study that of how organism interact with their environment.

5.      Evolutionary Biology:-It includes the study of the origins and changes in the diversity of life over time.

6.      Genetics:- It is study of heredity.

7.      Molecular Biology:-Under this field of biology the biologist studies the molecules.

8.      Physiology :- Under this field of biology the biologist study the function of organism and their parts.

9.      Zoology:-It includes the study of animals, including animal behaviour.

The main branches of biology:-

1.      Developmental Biology

2.      Ecology

3.      Embryology

4.      Endocrinology

5.      Entomology

6.      Environmental Biology

7.      Epidemiology

8.      Evolutionary Biology

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