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Admission, Courses and Assignment help for Franklin University

Franklin University is the best destination for online learners or internet learners. It provides them every facility ranging from online library access to online examination as well as online results. The classes and lectures for these students are also conducted online. Some of those lectures are recorded while many others are live forecasted from various geographical locations. These lectures are delivered by some of the pioneers and experts of the subject which is part of the syllabus of those courses. There are many question and answer sessions held for students after each lecture and each topic. All queries of students are well addressed in this session. The question paper and answers to those questions and their respective reasons are discussed in sessions conducted post examinations. Every arrangement is made to satisfy students in learning from online mode. There are certain online counselors as well as coordinators also allowed for a group of students who takes care about the needs of students and guides them accordingly. They are a real troubleshooter for these students and acts as an interface between students as well as the university.

    How is the progress of each student monitored in online courses at Franklin University?

Many students and their mentors raised this query at the time of their admission to the respective courses and to answer this question. The university makes many provisions. Some of these provisions are like weekly and monthly tests on various topics for the students, weekly, monthly and sometimes daily follow-ups by the course coordinators from the students through email, calling and video conferences. There are many discussion sessions conducted online for a group of students with the teachers for each topic, and deliberately the group is not made too large that anybody could get exempted. There are many activities based on the learning of the subjects which are conducted for the students individually as well as to be carried out in a group.

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