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There are many institutions which are renowned for their quality education at affordable rates from the online platform. Earlier people were not comfortable with learning through the internet as they had many misconceptions about it. Some of these misconceptions are listed here. The first misconception about online learning was that it causes stress on the eyes of students and hence one should not go for the online learning process. But with the time this misconception was overcome by the use of smartphone everyone’s life. Smartphones are like oxygen in today’s era. One cannot live without it as all the necessities like a wallet for money, phone for calling and other social media apps are connected with it. So, people have easily accepted the online world as a best educational platform. Many features of the online world like free access to the videos and web content made it possible to induce online education in the society.

    Invalid certification in online courses and universities like Capella University is another misconception of students?

The certification and validation of the degree from online universities should not be doubted as it is considered equivalent to the full-time degree in many prestigious institutions. In addition to this, the misconceptions in this regards should be prevented by the people studying in those universities.

    How to study such vast topics in online courses provided at Capella University?

There are the facilities like online library access provided to the students for studying and exploring academic content. The students could access this library of the university with the help of secured log ID and password provided to them. This library consists of many good e-books, magazines, and journals on various topics. The students could access these all literature books from their home and at any time.


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