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Colorado State University (Colorado State or CSU) is a public research university in Fort Collins, Colorado. The university is the state's land grant university and the flagship university of the Colorado State University System.

In 2004, enrollment was approximately 33,877 students, including resident and non-resident instruction students. The university has approximately 2,000 faculty in eight colleges and 55 academic departments. Bachelor's degrees are offered in 65 fields of study, with master's degrees in 55 fields. Colorado State confers doctoral degrees in 40 fields of study, in addition to a professional degree in veterinary medicine.

In the fiscal year 2017, CSU spent $338.4 million on research and development, ranking 70th in the nation overall and 41st when excluding medical school spending. CSU graduates include Pulitzer Prize winners, astronauts, CEOs, and two former governors of Colorado.

Academic colleges

·        College of Agricultural Sciences

·        College of Health and Human Sciences

·        College of Business

·        Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

·        College of Liberal Arts

·        Warner College of Natural Resources

·        College of Natural Sciences

·        College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences



·        Art (B.A.)
Art History
Integrated Visual Studies
·        Art (B.F.A.)
Art Education
·        Biochemistry
General Biochemistry
Health and Medical Sciences
·        Engineering Science
Engineering Physics
Space Engineering
·        Mathematics
Actuarial Science
Applied Mathematics
General Mathematics
Mathematics Education
·        Biology
Biological Science


·        Cell and Molecular Biology (M.S.)

·        Ecology (M.S.)

·        Materials Science and Engineering (M.S.)

·        Public Health (M.P.H.)

·        Accountancy (M.Acc.)          

·        Accountancy (M.Acc.) – Data Analytics and Systems Specialization 

·        Accountancy (M.Acc.) – Financial Analysis, Auditing, and Reporting Specialization 

·        Accountancy (M.Acc.) – Taxation Specialization 

·        Addiction Counseling in Psychology (M.A.C.P.) 

·        Agricultural and Resource Economics (M.S.)     

·        Agricultural Sciences (M.Agr.) – Integrated Resource Management Specialization 

·        Agricultural Sciences (M.Agr.) – Teacher Development Specialization     

·        Animal Sciences (M.S.) 

·        Anthropology (M.A.) 

·        Anthropology (M.A.) – Humans and the Environment Specialization        

·        Anthropology (M.A.) – International Development Specialization 

·        Anthropology (M.A.) – Professional Methods and Techniques Specialization 

·        Anthropology (M.A.) – The Anthropology of Health and Wellbeing Specialization       

·        Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology (M.I.O.P.)      

·        Applied Statistics (M.A.S.) – Data Science Specialization     

·        Applied Statistics (M.A.S.) – Statistical Science Specialization       

·        Art (M.F.A.)     

·        Arts Leadership and Cultural Management (M.A.L.C.M.)

·        Atmospheric Science (M.S.)  

·        Bioagricultural Sciences (M.S.)      

·        Bioagricultural Sciences (M.S.) – Entomology Specialization

·        Bioagricultural Sciences (M.S.) – Pest Management Specialization

·        Bioagricultural Sciences (M.S.) – Plant Pathology Specialization    

·        Bioagricultural Sciences (M.S) – Weed Science Specialization        

·        Biochemistry (M.S.)   

·        Bioengineering (M.S.)          

·        Biological Data Analytics (P.S.M.) – Specialization     

·        Biological Science (M.S.)     

·        Biomanufacturing and Biotechnology (P.S.M.)

·        Biomedical Sciences (M.S.)



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