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There are very less technical universities in the world which provides technical education courses for degree programs, post-graduation programs, diploma courses and certificate courses in online mode. But out of these selected names, one of the names is Colorado Technical University. The reason behind the trouble of running courses in online mode for the technical courses is that technical courses required practical laboratories or workshops which cannot be fulfilled in the online mode of education. Still, there are some universities which have overcome this obstacle, and they are providing courses for students in online mode in some countries. These universities provide access to the students for online libraries which consist of a large number of books as per the need of students for higher education. These books are either in Pdf forms or Kindle edition for online viewing only. Some of the books are also available in downloadable forms. There are certain magazines and journals also available in these online courses.

    What are the troubles for technical universities like Colorado Technical University to run courses in online mode?

There are many troubles which are overcome by these universities to launch those courses in various modules. Let us see some of those troubles. The most essential trouble is that the content of the technical courses is required to be taught to the student's practice and have to evaluate the results of the assignments given to the students practically; these troubles are overcome by this university by starting video lectures for the students from different parts of the world and varied locations. There are many live streaming webinars and seminars conducted by this university for the students who satisfy their need for practical education.  In addition to this, there are many coordinators allotted by the university for students perceiving distance education.

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