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American InterContinental University has marked the beginning of new era of the education system with its revolutionary approach in online and distance mode of education. Initially, the courses introduced by this university was highly criticized by the people and doubted by students also. But with time these courses became very effective and important for students that now more and more students from all parts of the world like to enroll in them. But this journey of this institution from transforming into online education interface for the education seekers was very difficult, and hence this article is intended to disclose those difficulties. There were many questions raised by the people of America and other parts of the world about those courses, let’s discuss some of those questions and their satisfactory explanation to know more about it. These courses include the same content as provided in the offline mode of education.

    Which students are actively involved in these online courses?

Generally, it is found that those individuals who cannot seek education in the full-time mode are always eager to enroll in these courses. These types of individuals include students from different developing countries who were earlier underprivileged for quality education. These online courses have opened new doors for enlightening their career.  In addition to this, many working individuals who have the desire to study more but could not give full time for it are enrolled in those online programs of education. These programs are very good for them because it provides online examinations and assignments too.

   How the examinations and projects are conducted in those online study programs?

Unlike traditional education programs, exams are also conducted in those online courses, and these exams are equally strict as traditional exams. These exams are carried out in online mode.

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