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Many discoveries are occurring in the educational sector in all parts of the world. All these discoveries and experiments are meant for the good of students and are always made to make education easy for the students. One of those successful discoveries is about starting online courses for graduation, post-graduation, certification and many more in online mode. DeVry University is one of the pioneer institutes in providing such courses to the students. These courses are developed in the supervision of experts from the background of information technology as well as experts from the academia who have worked in courses development for many premier universities of the world. These courses have to be very specific, interesting and career oriented to make learning easy for students. The information technology experts work on making the web interface of students easier to handle.

    Are the online platforms providing to the students of DeVry University comfortable to handle?

Most of the time, the platforms provided to the students to learn various courses by the university are so complex that students don’t like to enroll in those courses. These platforms are in the form of various online portals, software applications, a mobile application for Android and iOS configuration, etc. Students need an easy interface for their work and step by step guidelines for each task. This university fulfills these requirements in a very efficient manner. There is a team of experts in the university who are continuously monitoring the errors in the system and trying to solve technical problems faced by the students. Many technical issues with servers like display of examination results or access to the examination window after entry of login ID and passwords not found in this university. There are no errors in the webpage of this university, and all the queries are tried to be resolved on an urgent basis.

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