Social workers need to be able to identify how social constructions influen

Social workers need to be able to identify how social constructions influence the client’s life. This assignment will develop this skill.Watch the assigned video “Home for the Holidays” located in the Topic 1 folder in MindTap. Regarding the case study, in 750-1,000 words, expound the following prompts. Cite 2-4 scholarly sources to defend your answers:What are the social phenomena apparent in this case? Explain them.What theories would a social ......
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5-2 discussion proper sampling

In your initial post, consider what you have read in the assigned Chapter 2 sections of the textbook and identify your own example of improper sampling from your day-to-day life (try not to repeat examples shared by your peers). Be sure to provide the sampling method used, why the sampling method is improper, what type of sampling should have been used, and why.......
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Research Topic and Question- (Business Related)

Prior to beginning this assignment,Read Module 1 in your course textbook.Watch theGEN103 Annotated Bibliography(Links to an external site.)andPicking Your Topic IS Research(Links to an external site.)videos.Review theWeek 5 Annotated Bibliography Exampledownload, and the4 Easy Steps to Using the Ashford Library for Background Researchdownload,Possible Topics for Researchdownload, andHow to Ask an Open-Ended Question handoutsdownload.Download and ......
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STATS- Probability STATS

1.A particular fruit's weights are normally distributed, with a mean of 383 grams and a standard deviation of 24 grams.If you pick 15 fruit at random, what is the probability that their mean weight will be between 362 grams and 394 grams2.A manufacturer knows that their items have a normally distributed lifespan, with a mean of 3.1 years, and standard deviation of 1 years.If 3 items are picked at random, 3% of the time their mean life will be les......
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database programming ( Use the DOCTOR and PATIENT table )

1. Use INSTR to find the position of character ‘a’ in the doctor’s name. 2. CONCAT the patients’ first and last name and display their DOB in the following format ‘DD, Month YYYY’. Sort the patients’ name alphabetically. PATNAME NEWDOB Allen Mcginnis 3, May 1959 Anthony Rogers 7, December 2041 Becky Roach 8, September 1975 ......
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LNG 330 Week 2 Assignment Help | Ashford University

Week 2 – AssignmentConversation Analysis: Conversational Implicature and Contextualization Cues[Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapter 3: Intention and Interpretation in your textbookDiscourse Analysis, and watch the videosPolitenessTheory andPragmatics and GriceanMaxims.In this assignment, you will write a paper exploring the notion of discourse as a social practice by analyzing a conversation between two speakers. You will con......
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Analyzing a Pitch Deck - Gravyty

1.) Examine the executive summary (following pages 244-245) including the competition overview chart. What do you think is done well? How could it be improved?2.) Take a look at the presentation deck that begins after the executive summary. What are the three strongest aspects of the presentation deck?3.) Is there anything missing from the deck? What is not clear or what is hard to understand?4.) Are there more actions and more learning that Adam......
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Hum 111 week 8 discussion

week's readings you learned about symbolism in art; specifically, Henry Sayre's interpretation of the "Arnolfini Portrait" in Chapter 16, Figs. 16.7–16.8. If you were having a portrait painted of yourself with a significant person in your life, what four items would you include and why? Explain why those items are symbolic to you.Note:Please do......
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Case study of Fie subject safety and protection in workplace

Fei Hong is a 60-year-old Chinese grandmother who speaks little English. She has moved to Australia to help her daughter with her 3-year-old twins. Fei has started to show signs of early dementia and also has a hearing and sight impairment. While trying to help cook dinner for the family, Fei lost her footing and had a fall. She hit her head on the tiles and is found by her daughter unconscious but still breathing. ......
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Strategic Marketing Plan

STRATEGIC MARKETING PLANINTRODUCTIONThis assignment entails development of a comprehensive strategic marketing plan for a new product or service that is ready to “go to market”. A Project Template is provided that allows you to organize your work in increments and see how the sections come together to produce a comprehensive plan.PRODUCT/SERVICEThis assignment requires application of concepts learned to build a strategic marketing plan for a new ......
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