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Justquestionanswer is an online platform; it quickly helps students to get Homework help for their queries by connecting them to the online tutors available. This online platform will allow you to choose among thousands of online tutors that can be of help to you. You need not worry as all of these tutors are properly verified to provide you with the required assistance.

                                           Post Question & Buying Solution Process

Need an answer to any difficult question? Our tutor can help you out. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps.

First of all, you need to register on the website and create your profile. Now you will be easily able to post any of your queries. Just make sure that you post the question along with a price range and a time limit.

Post question and buying Process

·        Click on Post question 

·        Fill Detail and Click on Submit Button. 

After Submission either tutor will contact you or you can contact to tutor. Check your message inbox. If you do not get a tutor message, then you can also contact the tutor. 

How to search a tutor for your assignment                  

Open Find a tutor tab: Search tutor as per rating or subject category and connect with a tutor. The average response time of the tutor is 5 minutes. If you don’t get any tutor response in 5 minutes, then you can contact customer support immediately. 

If you connect with the tutor, then start messaging with the tutor. Message Box keeps refresh in less than 30 seconds or you can refresh the messages box manually. Negotiate with the tutor and make an advance payment to tutor as per the decided amount.  

If you don’t get any tutor for your assignment category then you can email us or chat with us, we will arrange an expert for your assignment immediately. 

How to make an advance payment (Handshake)

The tutor will send a handshake message for advance payment. You will see sent messages by a tutor for advance payment in your message box. There you will see the total amount for a solution and advance payment for a solution and payment button. Click on the payment button and make an advance payment. After getting payment, the tutor will start working asap.

How to buy the answer

The tutor will post solution under your posted question. Login, your JQA account, and you will see your solution preview and amount for the solution and payment button. Click on the Payment button; you will redirect your Paypal page, make a payment, and download your solution immediately. Your advance paid amount will be adjusted in your final payment. 

Homework Solution/ Note Bank/ Already done assignments for others

If you are buying an answer from our database then log in your account, click on the payment button, and will get redirect on the Paypal page. Log in your Paypal account or user your debit and credit card and make payment. 

How to search required solution file for your assignment

1) Keyword search Option: You will find a search bar on the home page. Type or copy-paste, keyword, and content needed in the search bar. If that particular question has in the database, then you will get a solution to that particular question in a search result. If you do not get a proper result, then try with different keywords. 


2). Search by University: Click on University page at the bottom of the website. 

You can find your course and syllabus, study guide under search by university searching option. Currently, we have data of more than 10000+ University courses from various university of the world like USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Canada, and keep adding more courses. 

If you don’t get desired questions to answer in our database, then post your customized question. Our tutor will contact you or you can contact tutors as per the process mentioned above. 

For tutors

An easy way to earn money is to tutor online with the help of Justquestionanswer. All you have to do is to help students resolve their issues and provide them with suitable explanations for their queries.

How does it work?

First of all, you need to start by signing up as a tutor for the website. Next, you can browse through different questions. Start contacting students but remember never to share a phone number, email id, or any other personal information. Outside payment is not allowed. If the student agrees with you, then ask for advance payment.  

How to get advance payment (Handshake)

Click on the handshake option; you will find the option below of the student profile under the question detail page. You will get a pop-up when you click on a handshake. Fill the required field of pop up and submit. The student will get this message in their inbox. Get advance payment and start working.  

Earn With US/ Earn By Uploading 

You can earn an income easily just by uploading all your old academic papers and the answers on the Earn by uploading. This means that you will be provided with 60% of the income that is made by users paying to view your work. Your earnings will be directly proportional to the number of answers that you upload. All you have to do is, and Justquestionanswer will spread it to the community and will ease you in making more money.

Even if you upload a document once, continuous money will be generated for you. You will not have to market the notes as it will be all taken care of by the Justquestionanswer.  Also, your answers can be sold as many times as required as there is no particular limit set for that. You will simply be making money without putting in any effort.

Keep in mind that the Uploads you are making must be related to academics. The best and the most important documents that you can upload are:

• Courses

• Old quizzes

• Completed homework

• Completed Exams

• Completed Assignments

• Class Notes

How to upload your old solutions for selling

For process, Click on Earn by uploading tab at the home page. 

Optimizing your Sales

You need to add the description and add the details and information regarding the title while uploading. This will ensure good sales of the documents you have uploaded. The best titles can be written by including the course and class name as well as the name of the university or the school in the document title.

You have to keep in mind to charge a reasonable price for the document. You can try setting the price a bit low if your paper is not selling for a long time. You might also increase the amount of the sales of your document go pretty high.

You must keep all your notes in an organized manner as it will become easy for anyone to go through them. You can take help from our folder system as well. All you have to do is keep all the notes of a particular course in one folder and distinguish all the folders by naming it after the course.

Justquestionanswer anyhow helps you with the marketing for your documents, but sharing upload solutions link with your friends and classmates will only double up the benefit. All you have to do is just to share the link of your posted solutions link with any person you wish to.

Why tutor at

Our platform is one of the best places for the tutors as well as the students online. We believe in offering the best facilities for both. Justquestionanswer not only connects you with the students, but it also helps you to be paid a right amount in return for your tutoring. We will also benefit you with the friendship system as it helps to repeat the customer. You can easily earn a lot of amount by expanding your network among the students.

·        Work whenever you want

Justquestionanswer provides you the flexible working hours and also gives you the opportunity to work with whichever student you want to. You are free to decide how much and what kind of work you need to do.

·        Protection

Justquestionanswer will help you stay away from all kinds of scammers. We have always got your back and will protect you from the students trying to rip you off. Students are ever asked to pay an advance amount before taking help from you.

Do’s and Don’ts

·  ·      Answering a question: It is essential that you provide the answers that are unique as well as are free from any grammatical errors. Always keep in mind to give the answers before the deadline and not to delay it because of any reason. If the client that you have served is satisfied with the services provided by you, you both will be added to each other’s friends list.

·           First impressions matters: Keep in mind to introduce yourself as soon as you start to chat with the client. It will help you establish communication between you and your client and will also assist in building a connection between both of you. It will help you to ask for more clarifications and the details if required.

·           Read instructions carefully: The most common cause of the withheld payment is that tutor sometimes happen to misunderstand the requirements and the instructions that are provided by the client. Make sure that you have a proper idea of the student’s needs before you start to work on that project as it is essential to provide satisfactory results.

·           Don’t Plagiarize: Students here at Justquestionanswer come in the search for the original answers and pay for the same. So it is essential that you need to keep your answers unique. We here have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarism. Strict actions will be taken against you if found involved in such practice.

·           Writing and Research Answers: Whenever you are working on a project that requires some research work, you need to follow these guidelines.

1. Doc: you need to upload your answer in the form of .docx or .doc file by default. You can use another file type if the student's requests.

2. Outline: you must add an overview for your answer in a separate file that is attached to the answer file for student’s convenience.

3. Work Cited: you need to use proper formatting for the citation. Also, include all the resources that you have applied for the answer.

4. Formatting: follow the default APA guidelines to decide the format until and unless the students ask for any other formatting style.

5. Spelling and Grammer: Before submitting the answer, you need to proofread it once to check for all the errors.

6. Content checker: It is important that the content you are providing to the students should be original as well as unique.

·      Math, Finance and Science Answers: You need to follow the below-mentioned guidelines in case answering a question related to maths, finance, or science.

1. Explanation: your answer must include complete explanations that explain all the steps involved in the solution.

2. Work Cited and reference: you need to provide all the recommendations that you have used in the answer.

3. Concepts: all the major concepts and ideas used in deriving the solution must be adequately explained.

4. Doc: you need to attach your version of the explanation along with the answer.

For Students and Tutors

Some of the ways to simply earn money for both tutors and students with the help of Justquestionanswer is mentioned here.

Earn by Uploading: You can earn easy money with the help of our note bank facility. All that is required to be done is to upload your notes and assignments and share them with people.

Referrals: Justquestionanswer provides you with a promotion panel that you can use to send invitations to your friends. For each person who will buy from Justquestioanswer then you will be rewarded as a 10% commission of sale value. 

Check referral page for on top of the website for the referral process. Link of Referral Page

Commission: is meant to charge you a 20% commission rate by default for customized question’s answer, and it is 40% for earn by uploading and second time selling of customized solution on student posted question. This rate is applied to the amount received by you from the students. This money is used by us to pay and manage for our operations, marketing as well as the tech team. We work on continuously providing an improvement on the website both for the students as well as the tutors. We also use the commission to cover the following.

1. Chargebacks Frauds

2. Transaction fees

3. Marketing

Payment Withdrawal: JQA will pay to experts or tutors after 30 days of payment receiving from the user.


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