Justquestionanswer is a platform online, it easily helps students to get Homework help for their queries by connecting them to the online tutors available. This online platform will allow you to choose among thousands of online tutors that can be of help to you. You need not worry as all of these tutors are properly verified to provide you with the required assistance.

Need an answer to any difficult question? Our tutor can help you out. All you have to do is follow the below mentioned steps.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to register on the website and create your profile. Now you will be easily able to post any of your queries. Just make sure that you post the question along with a price range and a time limit.

Step 2:

You will start receiving bids for your proposal by the tutors who are verified by us. You will also be allowed to chat with the tutors who you think will be able to help you. You can select any tutor of your choice. This decision can be made more accessible by making a comparison between profiles, statistics, and the reviews.

Step 3:

Now, all you have to do is wait for your tutor to provide you with a detailed solution to the question. Still, if you are facing a doubt or require any the explanation to the question, you can use the messenger feature to avail the collaborative experience. You will only be obligated to pay if you get complete satisfaction with the services.

Justquestionanswer Features


Encrypted Privacy

we will offer you the advantage of making your identity 100% similar to the real-life privacy of collaborating with the tutors.



The Justquestionanswer will offer you complete control over your learning process.  The website provides you to ask any custom questions that are specifically targeted to your needs. You will easily be able to get an answer to those questions at any point in time.


Quality Help

We run a complete background check on all the tutors registering on our very platform. It is done to verify all of their educational details as well as the authenticity. Because of our emphasis on the quality, it is made sure that all the tutors who are unable to perform according to a particular standard will be shortly removed from the website.

How Does Payment work?

The payment system used on our website is completely verified and secured. The security standards are made sure by using the advanced fraud prevention and advanced industry-leading encryption tools by us.

After you make a selection of the tutor that is going to provide you with an answer to your question, you will be asked to submit the information regarding the payment. This is to make sure that the tutor is protected from the scammers and also to provide them with enough confidence in working with you.

If you are not satisfied with the answer given to you, you are free to withdraw your question immediately. You will not be charged even a penny in this case. We run a complete review over all the withdrawal requests that are received within 24 hours. We make sure that you are never charged for the bad or below satisfaction work on Justquestionanswer.

We allow you to get in touch with the quality tutors whenever required. Our whole process includes the recommendation system, reputation tiers, and the verification processes. It will merely allow you to find the perfect tutor that fits in your needs.


We truly are dedicated to providing you with the top-most quality of tutors. If you wish to become a tutor on Justquestionanswer, it is necessary for you to give the evidence for your identity as well as educational and professional qualifications. You will also have to go through our screening process.

Reputation and Tiers

One easy way to earn the positive response is to be active on the website and receive positive feedback from the students.  If a tutor fails to submit work on deadline or compromises with the quality, this will only provide them with a negative reputation. The reputation of any particular tutor is highlighted along with their username. You should go with the tutors that hold a high status as they are known to provide you with excellent quality work. The high reputation of any tutor is a precise measure of their ability and are also extremely hard to be earned.


Justquestionanswer runs a process to find the best tutor that matches your question. You have the choice to either select a tutor suggested by Justquestionanswer or go for the ones who are bidding on your project.

Privacy Settings

All questions that are posted on Justquestionanswer are shared anonymously. No one will ever be able to see your username or will be able to form a connection between the question and your true identity.

What is the Homework Solutions- Earn by Uploading?

Earn by Uploading is a virtual platform that provides people with an opportunity to sale their documents online. It helps you to get in touch with tutors and students from around the globe to buy academic papers, notes as well as the study guides.

You will also quickly get an archive of all the questions on Note Bank that are answered on the Justquestionanswer. You can go through all the questions that are posted by all the other students and will quickly get a unique solution by reposting it on Justquestionanswer.

You need to keep in mind that all the answers that are marked as private are not meant to be put on sale. Also, these answers will not show up in the Note bank search when looked for.


Selling through the Note Bank

You can earn an income easily just by uploading all your old academic papers and the answers on the Note bank. This means that you will be provided with 80% of the income that is made by users paying to view your work. Your earnings will be directly proportional to the number of answers that you upload. All you have to do is, and Justquestionanswerwill spread it to the community and will ease you in making more money.

Even if you upload a document once, continuous money will be generated for you. You will not have to market the notes as it will be all taken care of by the Justquestionanswer. Also, your answers can be sold as many times as required as there is no particular limit set for that. You will simply be making money without putting in any efforts.

Keep in mind that the Uploads you are making must be related to the academia. The bets and most important documents that you can upload are:

•    Courses

•    Old quizzes

•    Completed homework

•    Completed Exams

•    Completed Assignments

•    Class Notes

Optimizing your Sales

You need to add the description and add the details and information regarding the title while uploading. This will ensure good sales of the documents you have uploaded. The best titles can be written by including the course and class name as well as the name of the university or the school in the document title.

You have to keep in mind to charge a reasonable price for the document. You can try setting the price a bit low if your document is not selling for a long time. You might also increase the price if the sales of your document go pretty high.

It is important that you keep all your notes in an organized manner as it will become easy for anyone to go through them. You can take help from our folder system as well. All you have to do is keep all the notes of a particular course in one folder and distinguish all the folders by naming it after the course.

Justquestionanswer anyhow helps you with the marketing for your documents, but sharing the note store with your friends and classmates will only double up the benefit. All you have to do is just to share the link of your Note bank with any person you wish to.

Some of the ways to simply earn money for both tutors and students with the help of Justquestionanswer are mentioned here.

The Note Bank

You can earn easy money with the help of our note bank facility. All that is required to be done is to upload your notes and assignments and share it with people.


Justquestionanswer provides you with a promotion panel that you can use in order to send invitations to your friends. For each person who signs up with the help of your link, you will be rewarded with $ 10. You can spend this amount on the questions.

Tutor at Justquestionanswer

A way to earn through Justquestionanswer is to become a tutor over here. All you will be required to do is to answer questions and queries from the students. You can use the same account of yours to answer questions as well as to get your questions answered.

Justquestionanswer is cheaper than the competitors

Justquestionanswer surely is an open source marketplace for all the students and tutors. Any student can find tutors according to their budgets here. Also, the tutors are meant to keep a more significant share of their earnings at JQA as compared to all the competitor websites. We are a network consisting of over three thousand teachers who are more than eager to help you out.

We provide you with the facility to make your transaction the smoothest. But is still you are facing some issues regarding the same try following these methods:

•    You are required to get rid of cache and cookies on your system.

•    You can try using an alternate payment method.

•    You can also use the credits by entering your information regarding the payment.

If you are not at all satisfied by the purchase, please feel free to:

•    You can try filing a dispute ( this can take up to 1 to 3 business days and is to be found as a button near the purchase solution)

•    You can take help from our customer service team as they will help you to understand the complete refund process. All you have to do is reach out to them with your payment issue along with the question link attached.

We work on the policy that no student should be charged for the answers that they are not satisfied with. But also it is important that they clarify precisely all the solutions that are considered to be as unsatisfactory.

How can you request a refund?

First of all, if you find your answer to be not up to the required standards, you need to ask the tutor to revise it for once. If this does not provide you with the help, you need to click on the dispute option after the time limit of the question has expired. Either a tutor will help you to resolve all your issues or the admin will have to choose the right measures to go with.

You need to adequately explain that why the answer is considered unsatisfactory by you. You can also attach any files that you think proves your point. Also, do not forget to choose a method for the refund that suits your preference.


A moderator on the Justquestionanswer platform will be notified and will view the answer. They will decide if the answer is able or unable to meet our quality standards and guidelines as well as the requirements of the questions. If the answer is said not to meet the criteria the students are then refunded the full payment charged. Also, actions are taken against that particular tutor as well.


You can file for a refund in the following cases.

1.    If the answer is either incorrect or fails to fulfil the requirements of the question.

2.    If the answer if not unique and grammatically incorrect.


You should not file for a refund in the following cases.

1.    If the answer was delivered to you right on time and surely can meet the quality requirements and is fulfilling the demand of the question.

2.    In case you pre-purchased a receiving answer.


An easy way to earn money is to tutor online with the help of Justquestionanswer. All you have to do is to help students resolve their issues and provide them suitable explanations for their queries.

How does it work?

First of all, you need to start by signing up for the website. Next, you can browse through different questions and bid on any of them of your choice. You can add up a bit of an explanation along with the delivery time and price to make your bid look more effective. If the student like your bid and agrees to work with you, they will have to pay an advance share from the total amount that was decided. The Justquestionanswer will hold this amount until you do not submit the solved question. After the question is solved, the amount will be released for you.

You will be notified after the student has completed the payment, and you will be free to begin the tutoring session. During the tutoring session, you will help students to solve all their questions and provide them the proper explanations as well.

Why tutor at

Our platform is one of the best places for the tutors as well as the students online. We believe in offering the best facilities to both. Justquestionanswer not only connects you with the students but it also helps you to be paid a good amount in return for your tutoring. We will also benefit you with the friendship system as it helps to repeat the customer. You can easily earn a lot of amount by expanding your network among the students.

Work whenever you want

Justquestionanswer provides you the flexible working hours and also gives you the opportunity to work with whichever student you want to. You are free to decide how much and what kind of work you need to do.


Justquestionanswer will help you stay away from all kind of the scammers. We have always got your back and will protect you from the students trying to rip you off. Students are ever asked to pay an advance amount before taking help from you.

Making first bids

First of all, you need to start bidding on the questions that have few proposals on them. These bids usually are the easiest ones to be won by the new tutors. Also, make sure that your bid amount is within the budget as well as your bid within the time limit as it will increase your chances of being awarded. There is no limit on the number of questions that you bid on.

Answering a question

It is essential that you provide the answers that are unique as well as are free from any grammatical errors. Always keep in mind to give the answers before the deadline and not to delay it because of any reason. If the client that you have served is satisfied by the services provided by you, you both will be added to each other’s friends list.

First impressions matters

Keep in mind to introduce yourself as soon as you start to chat with the client. It will help you establish communication between you and your client and will also assist in building a connection between both of you. It will help you to ask for more clarifications and the details if required.

Read instructions carefully

The most common cause of the withheld payment is that tutors sometimes happen to misunderstand the requirements and the instructions that are provided by the client. Make sure that you have a proper idea of the student’s needs before you start to work on that project as it is essential to provide the satisfactory results.

Don’t Plagiarize

Students here at Justquestionanswer come in the search for the original answers and pay for the same. So it is essential that you need to keep your answers unique. We here have zero tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarism. Strict actions will be taken against you if found involved in such practice.

Writing and Research Answers

Whenever you are working on a project that requires some research work, it is important for you to follow these guidelines.

1.    Doc: you need to upload your answer in the form of .docx or .doc file by default. You can use another file type if the student's requests.

2.    Outline: it is important that you add an overview for your answer in a separate file that is attached to the answer file for student’s convenience.

3.    Work Cited: you need to use proper formatting for the citation. Also, include all the resources that you have applied for the answer.

4.    Formatting: follow the default APA guidelines to decide the format until and unless the students ask for any other formatting style.

5.    Spelling and Grammer: Before submitting the answer you need to proofread it once to check for all the errors.

6.    Content checker: It is important that the content you are providing the students should be original as well as unique.

Math, Finance and Science Answers

You need to follow the below-mentioned guidelines in case answering a question related to maths, finance or science.

1.    Explanation: you answer must include complete explanations that explain all the steps involved in the solution.

2.    Work Cited and reference: you need to provide all the recommendations that you have used in the answer.

3.    Concepts: all the major concepts and ideas used in deriving the solution must be adequately explained.

4.    Doc: you need to attach your version of explanation along with the answer.

Helpful Tools and Resources


This is a spell check or content check tool. It allows you to browse and suggests changes in your content to make it error free.


This tool is used to check if the content is plagiarism free or not. Even a line of plagiarism will be caught by this very tool.


It is used to handle all the Formatting and Citation issues and will provide you a guideline to properly work as well.

How are the disputes handled?

Justquestionanswer is an open place that is there to benefit both the tutors as well as the students. We try to make it an area free of conflicts and try to resolve all the issues peacefully. The primary dispute arises when any student happens to withdraw their questions.

The moderation team is responsible for handling and managing all kind of disputes that occur. They are provided with a set of guidelines and are also instructed to follow them whenever feeling a dispute between the students and the tutor. It makes sure that all the questions that are withdrawn are properly taken care of where acts as a mediator working impartially to resolve all the issues.

Grammar and Quality

Why Grammar matters to us

Proper grammar is way far more critical than we think for the online communication to go smoothly. Most of the students coming to the primarily belong to the American Universities. Because of English being their first language it is important that they should be provided with the answers free from any grammatical error.

Why Grammar matter to you?

You need to invest time and make sure that the sentences used by you in the answers are natural sounding as well as structured well. It surely is an excellent way to make sure that there are no withdrawals. Teachers using proper grammar in their answers are often recommended as well as invited for attending more questions. Also, they are the ones to see fewer withdrawals.

 Grammar Requirements

Answers that are submitted on the should be error-free and in perfect English. If the assignment that you are handling involves even the slightest bit of writing it is important that you revise as well as check the content for the spellings before you happen to submit it to the client. If you are unsure about using any particular word, look for its meaning and use in the dictionary before adding that specific word in your paper. If you are not comfortable with complicated words go for the simpler ones as there is nothing wrong with that. Most of the students prefer to get the answers that are easy to read and understand instead of the complicated ones.

Plagiarism Policy

What do we consider as plagiarism?

    Copying work that is already published under someone else’s name.

    Pasting blocks of answers directly from the source without documenting it.

    Including any image or media in the assignment without recording them.

    Paraphrasing did carelessly

    The documentation not done properly

    Quoting excessively

    Submitting your work without changes that you have created previously for some other client or at any place else.

What are the consequences of plagiarism?

Plagiarism is an offense that can land you in both financial as well as the legal consequences. Students happening to submit the plagiarized content can end up either getting a zero in the assignment or some other serious trouble. The’s reputation is established as of a platform that provides the unique and original content, and we will not harm that in any case. Submitting plagiarized work by you is unfair for both the students as well as the other legitimately working tutors at the Justquestionanswer.

In case the plagiarism checkers on Justquestionanswer reveals your paper to be of more than 15% of plagiarism content you will be subjected to the following punishments.

    Fine that exceed $ 50.

    Legal actions will be taken against you from

    Students can file for the punitive damage against you.

    You will be permanently banned from the platform.

Commission is meant to charge you a 20% commission rate by default. This rate is applied to the amount received by you from the students. This money is used by us to pay and manage for our operations, marketing as well as the tech team. We work on continuously providing an improvement on the website both for the students as well as the tutors. We also use the commission to cover the following.

1.    Chargebacks Frauds

2.    Transaction fees

3.    Marketing

Question Types


This is the most basic question types that you will happen to see on the the students arrive to post their doubts and questions on the website along with the budget and the time limit. Tutors are allowed to place bids on all the problems. You will be notified if your submission is selected and will have to provide answer accordingly.


The questions that ask for the written content in a large amount are known to be as writing questions. Students will specify the word count or the number of pages required. Tutors are required to pay extra care towards the grammar, formatting as well the plagiarism in these type of questions.

New student

This will show that the particular student is entirely new to the and is on the verge of asking his/her first few questions. New tutors are much likely to invite you for the next tutoring job on behalf of the tasks you have completed for them.

Maximize your earnings

We anyhow provide tutors with some methods that can quickly help them to increase their revenues without putting in many efforts. Here are some of the tips that can quickly help you out to maximize your earnings.

    You are required to make more good bids.

    You will have to build an excellent reputation for being one of the high paid tutors on

    It is essential for you to outsource effectively.

    You are also required to invite more and more students.

    You can also try selling your old answers and documents to make some extra money.


Payments provides you the opportunity to earn money quickly and also assures you the complete guarantee for your payment. It surely gives you the money for the tutoring services that you provide to the students. Payments transactions here on are made through PayPal. It takes approximately up to three business days for the payment to be cleared.